Flexible Plastic Assembly Systems

Flexible Plastic Assembly Systems

Ensuring the integrity of your plastic assemblies starts with a flexible platform from Thermal Press International. We provide high-quality heat staking and sealing equipment for manufacturers that need flexible plastic assembly systems.

Versatile and Flexible Plastic Assembly Systems for Manufacturers

TPI has an extensive range of platforms and custom tooling options to accommodate any kind of plastic assembly application. With precise control during the press application and thermal delivery, our systems help you reduce product issues while supporting any heat-sealing, staking, or thermal assembly processes.

With our flexible plastic assembly systems, you can increase throughput and never have to compromise on quality. Thermal Press works with you to configure the ideal heat-staking platform for your application.

H-Series Thermal Press Series

For demanding applications, the H-series thermal press maintains planarity while applying higher forces during the cycle. It fits on a standard workbench and can integrate into existing automation lines, pallet systems, and conveyors.

Some of the H-series’ main features include:

  • A 4” stroke with an adjustable hard stop
  • Quick-change tooling without any re-alignments
  • Programmable velocity control via an HMI color touchscreen
  • Integrated timers, counters, and linear positional data

See the exact specifications for the H-Frame thermal press here.

C-Series Open Frame Thermal Press

Engineered to accommodate all part sizes and assemblies, the C-Series thermal press remains our most popular platform. The open-frame design also fits on any workbench and provides a flexible platform for heat sealing, hot staking, swaging, insertion, hot bar soldering, or film and filter sealing and welding.

The C-Series gives you:

  • A versatile platform available in various heights and configurations
  • Force ranges between 0 to 1,000 pounds
  • Pinned and slotted base and actuator for repeatable tool change-outs
  • Multi-zone digital PID temperature control

Find out more about the C-Series thermal press on this page.

Engineering Support and Custom Tooling Options

Along with our platforms, you can also trust us to provide complete support for all our platforms to maintain the repeatability and quality you need. We can provide custom tooling options including custom-design jigs and rotary tables for any specialty applications including automation and integration into your existing assembly lines.

With Thermal Press, you get the most flexible heat sealing and hot staking platforms including dedicated support to design or optimize your assembly processes.

Contact Us or call (925) 454-9800 to speak with a Thermal Press engineer.

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