Medical Product Design and Assembly Services

Thermal Press Applications in Healthcare Products

The recent focus on medical devices and their capabilities reinforces the importance of streamlined manufacturing techniques. With Thermal Press plastic assembly equipment, you can create any type of medical device that can help improve an agency’s ability to provide care and data for health improvement and management.

The medical device market was set to grow by 1.7% and manufacturing could reach $45.3 billion in the United States this year. With new focus and additional stock required, keeping your facility’s manufacturing capabilities in tune with demand just became vital for business success and human health. Thermal Press has the sealing and staking tools you need to keep up with demand in these trying times.

Manufacturing Wearable Devices and Oxygen Monitors with Solutions from Thermal Press

Device assembly remains an important consideration during medical device development. The more invasive the device, the more effort you’ll need to put in to make it comfortable. With Thermal Press, you can develop devices that are suitable for the purpose while remaining comfortable and secured to the patients who depend on them.

Advantages in Medical Device Manufacturing with Thermal Press

As healthcare institutions and agencies require an immediate response, manufacturers need to improve their processes and find solutions that support the quickest turnaround times. Oxygen monitoring systems have become vital to the fight against respiratory illness around the world.

At the same time, devices that can monitor glucose intake and distribution are just as important. Using non-invasive solutions that operate reliably and ensure the maximum protection for the wearer is crucial for medical device manufacturers.

With Thermal Press, you can:

  • Create highly accurate, reliable, and safe monitoring devices.
  • Manufacture wrist-sized and other wearable monitors for sleep, heart and other functions
  • Produce microtiter (also called microplate) seals for the safety and accuracy of test samples

With Thermal Press’ heat staking and sealing solutions, you can ensure your devices and medical samples remain protected and insulated at all times. Our solutions enable manufacturers to create devices that ensure the accuracy of test samples with material handling plates and medical bags. With an efficient and reliable plastic connection, you can manufacture reliable solutions that support current and future requirements.

Thermal Press Heat Sealing and Staking Solutions for the Medical Industry

To support current demand, Thermal Press has a variety of platforms to help you create a consistent and reliable product. Our solutions can help you create a high-quality seal for any wearable medical device to improve an individual’s health or wellbeing.

More people will need access to enhanced medical products and health support solutions in the future. To ensure you can keep up with product demand, you’ll need an efficient thermal pressing solution that ensures a consistent seal every time. With Thermal Press, you’ll be able to streamline your medical device manufacturing processes while ensuring the quality of every seal your product needs.

If you have an increased medical device demand and need a reliable and efficient sealing solution, check out the platforms available from Thermal Press today.

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