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New Applications for Heat Sealing Plastics

Advances in technology have opened new vistas for medical devices and fluid delivery systems. These solutions integrate with human biology to deliver medicine or extract fluids safely and hygienically. Heat sealing plastics made these innovations possible by providing hermetically sealed plastic delivery systems that remain safe to the wearer.

In situations where ultrasonic welding isn’t suitable, heat sealing provides a method to overcome challenges by creating a secure bond between thermoplastics using precise heat and pressure. Although the applications for these types of seals vary, the market continues to grow in areas such as the medical, food, and bioengineering industries.

Due to the advances in converting and laminating technologies, medical and fluid bags can use multiple layers to display printed materials on the outside while maintaining medical compliance for internal materials. Thermal Press provides a variety of heat sealing machines suitable for any number of industry-specific applications.

Benefits of Thermal Press Heat Sealing Solutions

In medical device manufacturing, Thermal Press provides platforms that enable you to manufacture blood test films, filter media for the blood, and test strip devices that are regularly used in the medical field today. We manufacture systems that provide a high-quality seal and reduces degradation, particulates and/or debris associated with other processes.

Our heat sealing equipment provides a robust solution that ensures dependable quality for every product. The USDA and FDA regulate the requirements for bag manufacturing and our devices comply with all their requirements, including using only the acceptable compounds and plastics during the sealing process. Specifically, in bags intended for medical use, we recommend the use of USP Class VI such as UHMW-PE, PP and PVDF plastics to manufacture compliant ports, plates, and seals.

How Our Heat Sealing Equipment Can Help You

To accommodate different manufacturing requirements, we provide customizable platforms like the Dual C-Series Thermal Press. Perfect for large format applications, the Dual C-Series has a wide-open workspace, making it the perfect frame for a variety of medical bag and port welding manufacturing applications. Also known as the “Medical Port Sealer”, the Dual C-Series can handle medical ports, plates, fitment seals, and bag welding tasks.

Built on a robust machine base, it utilizes all our standard tooling options and provides for any type of configuration. Additionally, you can run multiple medical ports or plates concurrently with convenient quick-tooling change capabilities. You can lock in each recipe for a different seal or application (including the exact part) with a password-controlled HMI (Touchscreen).

Take Your Medical or Food Bag Manufacturing to the Next Level with Thermal Press

Thermal Press is a leading manufacturer of heat sealing equipment for the medical and food sectors. If you need a solution that adapts to different requirements quickly, our Dual C-Series is the perfect base. It enables you to deliver quality heat sealing plastic solutions and products to any customer in the medical, bioengineering, and food industries.

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