Select the Right Plastic Assembly Method for Your Products

When designing plastic parts, choosing the right assembly method is critical to ensure product quality. Even if you are reevaluating an existing design, we can help you select the right plastic assembly method for your products. While the best method will depend on your application requirements, there are a variety of techniques available with different performance characteristics.

Let’s look at some of the most effective plastic assembly methods for joining operations.

Modern Assembly Methods for Joining Operations of Plastic Products

There are three main categories for joining operations of plastic products today:

  1. Mechanical — Includes screws or metal fasteners that must maintain the required clamp load of the assembly without a permanent joint
  2. Adhesive — Provides a permanent joint when the material of the parts isn’t compatible for thermal joining
  3. Welding — Creates a permanent joint using friction, heat, and pressure to join two or more compatible parts

When Welding and Thermal Joining is the Best Assembly Method

Compatible parts mean that the plastic material has similar melt characteristics that will create a quality joint when pressed together with heat and pressure. A thermal press provides high-quality joints for a variety of applications. As more manufacturers learn about the technology, it’s becoming one of the most popular plastic assembly joining methods.

Plastic Assembly with Thermal Processing Methods

Thermal processing is a joining technique for plastics that heats the parts to soften and reform the material to the required shape. You then apply pressure to the parts to create a permanent joint. There is a wider range of compatible materials for heat staking or swaging processes compared to ultrasonic welding.

Thermal Press Inc. is a leader in hot (or heat) staking, heat sealing, and swaging processes. Our equipment can help you overcome a range of application challenges including joining plastic and metal parts together with a permanent bond. To see what applications a thermal processing method can achieve, check out this page.

Improve Your Plastic Assemblies with Thermal Press

When selecting a plastic joining method for your assemblies, you should consider thermal processing for permanent joints. You can increase your throughput, reduce product liability, and automate your assembly and joint operations with a thermal press. We can also provide engineering services to help you find an optimized assembly method for all your plastic products.

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