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Manufacturing Tips for Quality Plastic Assemblies

Quality plastic assemblies often rely on press fits to hold parts in perfect alignment. These bonded interference fits used in assembly connections provide consistent performance in a multitude of applications. You can see some of the plastic assembly examples available from Thermal Press here.

Demand for press-fit assembly technology and heat-sealing equipment shows that manufacturers are looking to near-shore manufacturing, automate assembly processes, and to maintain the integrity of each plastic assembly that leaves the line to reduce product liability.

3 Tips to..

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2021 Manufacturing Forecast Review

While 2020 may have been a challenging time for most manufacturers and product teams, the industry responded effectively, and most companies are poised to deal with any future challenges.

Companies naturally felt the pinch created by the COVID 19 pandemic. At the same time, the slow-down created a window of opportunity where you could review your current operations and find new ways to improve your efficiencies. With 2021 in full swing, it’s now time to capitalize on these enhancements. With that in mind, here is the latest

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    Update: New Trends in the Plastic Automotive Component Manufacturing Sector

    As we enter the new decade, the plastic automotive component manufacturing industry is expected to continue to grow. Manufacturers are adopting new techniques and researchers are developing sophisticated compounds. These solutions will continue to replace traditional metal and steel components as they become more important to OEM vehicle manufacturers.   This article is updating our 2019 Plastic Manufacturing Trends in Automotive Production blog.

    Estimates suggest that the automotive plastics market will reach $68.58 billion by 2025. The industry will benefit from drives to improve fuel-efficiency, transitioning away..

    How Does Heat Staking Work?

    Heat staking is a method of joining two components of the same or varied materials without the use of adhesives or fasteners. It’s a relatively straightforward process using heat and force, and an integral part of many production lines.

    Here’s what you need to know about heat staking.

    What Is Heat Staking and What Materials Is It Used On?

    Heat staking is a versatile and economical process to join materials by fitting a plastic stud..

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    Heat Staking Examples in Consumer Appliances

    While heat staking may sound like a strange term when
    brought up in a social conversation, chances are you interact with products
    that have undergone heat staking every day. Heat
    is a technique used in the production and manufacture of products
    where components of various materials need joining together, which is quite
    common in consumer appliances.

    While heat staking is often utilized when joining two
    plastic components, it is also viable for joining plastic to metal and many
    consumer products are assembled..

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    2019 Plastic Manufacturing Trends in Automotive Production

    As the car manufacturing industry evolves, plastics continue to replace metallic core components of every automobile, allowing cars to be sleeker, lighter, and more efficient.

    Plastic manufacturing for the automotive industry, however, has only scratched the surface. New incremental improvements in molding, pressing, and plastics welding crop up each year. Also, changing automobile designs have pushed plastics experts to find new ways to mold, texturize, and bind these materials.

    4 Plastic Manufacturing Trends in Automotive Production to Watch in 2019