H-Series digital controlled thermal press

Digital-Controlled Thermal Assembly Equipment Simplifies Complex Plastic Assembly & Welding

Welding has come a long way. The first welding processes were brutal, labor-intensive affairs undertaken by ancient blacksmiths. But bronze gave way to iron, and iron gave way to steel.

With the advent of plastics, engineers needed to reconsider the entire process of bonding parts together in a strong, accurate, and consistent way. Ultrasonic welding and thermal welding technologies were borne out of the need to quickly and inexpensively bond plastic materials to one another reliably.

The process of direct-contact thermal welding for plastic assembly has undergone significant changes since its first introduction to manufacturing plants across..

New Heat Staking Technologies Improve Accuracy and Process Efficiency

Heat staking is a quick, inexpensive way to form strong assemblies between components. It is often compared with ultrasonic staking, which can offer faster results at the expense of flexibility and adaptability for complex applications.

The arguments between heat staking and ultrasonic welding have been going on for a longer time than most engineers realize. While there are definite advantages to each for meeting project-specific goals, one of the areas where heat staking outperforms ultrasonic staking is in the ability to produce multiple heat stake posts accurately and consistently over multiple planes in one machine cycle for high-precision and..

Kammerer Sales Company Now Representing Thermal Press in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky

Thermal Press International is proud to announce that Kammerer Sales Company is now representing Thermal Press throughout Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. Kammerer Sales Company provides the highest level of sales and support for their customers since 1958 with a diverse product line, serving such varied markets as medical, automotive, appliances, electronics, sports equipment, aerospace, and printing consumer products.

Kammerer Sales Company offers high-quality products manufactured by companies that are recognized leaders in their markets. They pride themselves on the fact that they have represented several of their principals for over 30 years.

After 60 years, Kammerer Sales Company continues to..

Rely on Thermal Press Expertise for Process Development

Any piece of plastic assembly equipment is only as valuable as the process it completes.

At Thermal Press, we do more than simply sell heat staking and heat sealing equipment. We focus intently on creating full-scale plastic assembly solutions for our customers.

This changes the value that our company stands for in the industrial manufacturing space. The more we know about your products, processes, and core business strengths, the better we can create complete solutions that fit your needs.

Our dedication to process development and optimization includes the manufacture of customized automation systems, and customized tooling packages for our C-series..

Plastic assembly

The Future of Plastic Assembly for IoT Medical Devices

Data drives almost every facet of modern life, and its influence is growing.

This is especially true in the world of medical device manufacture, where the ideas behind the Internet of Things (IoT) have particularly useful applications.

Manufacturers and product designers in the medical equipment industry have more opportunities than ever to create life-saving products using scalable, affordable processes.

Investing in the latest plastic assembly for IoT medical devices and technologies can create significant value for manufacturers who adopt the right approach.

Understanding the Potential IoT Medical Devices Offer

For most of human history, medicine suffered from a black box..

disposable wearable medical devices

Market Outlook: Keep Wearable Injectors Flexible, Affordable, and Comfortable

The wearable injectors market is primed for growth following the developments and FDA approvals of recent years.

Although commonly associated with insulin pumps, wearable injectors are only superficially similar. Whereas insulin pumps gradually provide the body with insulin on a constant basis, wearable injectors are designed to deliver up to 50 milliliters of a therapeutic agent at specific intervals before being thrown away.

Unlike insulin pumps, which patients may use for years, wearable injectors are temporary by design.

This difference provides a clear path forward to manufacturers who are interested in developing solutions for this burgeoning industry.

New Demands for..

Trends in Plastic Automotive Component Manufacture

Steel used to be the material of choice for automotive component manufacture.

From the origin of the automobile in the late 19th century to the Golden Age of Auto Design that began 70 years later, component manufacturers used steel as their go-to material for a broad range of auto parts.

However, consumer attitudes have undergone a significant shift towards fuel efficiency and emissions reduction. Government regulators have assessed stringent standards for vehicular emissions across the world, giving manufacturers a clear incentive to make cars lighter.

This led to a proliferation of aluminum vehicles – the material accounts for 25% of the..

wearable glucose monitor

Top 3 Upcoming Trends in the Medical Device Manufacturing Industry

The medical device manufacturing industry is in a period of transition.

For many years, the entire medical industry has been undergoing a shift from invasive, large-scale procedures to laparoscopic and catheter-oriented treatments. The factors that contribute to today's medical device landscape began to appear in the 1990s, with major consolidations and a new focus on global partnership.

These trends show no sign of slowing down – but they will pivot around important upcoming technological advances. At the same time, regulatory and ethical issues surrounding these new advances will influence the choices healthcare providers make when delivering care.

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The Difference Between Heat Staking and Swaging

Manufacturers in a wide range of industries rely on heat staking and heat swaging to assemble and join plastic parts. In the past, technologies like ultrasonic welding and hot plate welding were some of the most popular, but modern advances in thermal press technology and materials have made both heat staking and swaging more attractive than ever.

As consumer electronics, medical devices, and automotive parts got smaller and more complex over the years, the processes manufacturers use to join them have become more advanced. Heat staking is one of these processes, and heat swaging is another.

Both processes address the..

heat sealing

Food Product Packaging – Heat Sealing or Ultrasonic?

For food packaging manufacturers, vertical fill form sealing (VFFS) technology is an important area for cost-saving innovation.

During procurement, most companies look to this tightly regulated process for improvement because modern technologies have already improved throughput for the rest of the manufacturing line.

For many, VFFS bagging remains a bottleneck process.

Unsurprisingly, this leads manufacturers currently using heat sealing equipment to consider ultrasonic solutions, and those using ultrasonic equipment to consider heat sealing.

The old adage, “the grass always seems greener on the other side of the fence,” is just as true here as it is anywhere else.

However, advances..