cell phone antenna before heat staking

Why Use Heat Staking for Plastic Assembly Projects?

While multiple industrial processes for high quality plastic assembly exist, heat staking continues to earn a significant amount of market share for the sectors. While the industrial products of yesteryear were attached using hardware fasteners, this practice has become obsolete once heat staking technology became the industry standard.

Heat Staking eliminates the need for extra hardware, which can become defective, break, or otherwise suffer from quality control issues. Additionally, hardware fasteners tend to be more expensive and labor intensive than heat staking plastic fastening options.

Plastic Assembly with Heat Staking – How Does It Work?

Heat staking technology is quite simple..

Heat staking Components

Optional Accessories for Plastic Assembly Tooling

Thermal Press technology offers a wide range of benefits when it comes to plastic assembly. Localized heat transfer makes it possible for delicate electronics to be built while allowing for extremely low placement tolerances.

Electronics manufacturers generally understand the advantages of thermal press technology, yet they aren't always up-to-speed on the latest time- and labor-efficient optional accessories available for plastic assembly machines. We make a wide variety of accessories for our clients.

Plastic Assembly Accessories Increase Manufacturing Productivity

If you need to produce high volumes of standardized electronics components in your manufacturing facility, high quality secondary accessories can cut costs..

Thermal Press Announces Facility Expansion

Thermal Plastic Assembly Equipment Manufacturing Company Announces Major Expansion in Livermore, CA Facility

Thermal Press International Expands Heat Staking and Heat Sealing Manufacturing Facility by 50%

For Immediate Release:

October 2016 (Livermore, CA)  Fast growing plastic assembly equipment manufacturer Thermal Press International (TPI) announces the expansion of the plant footprint from 8,000 square ft. to 12,000 square ft.

“We’re really jammed on space and had outgrown our current plant.  As we continue to grow, we needed the additional space to support the needs of increasing demand for our labor saving and high quality plastic assembly equipment” said Ian McLean, President..