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High-Quality Thermal Assembly Machines for Perfect Manufacturing

Globally, enterprises use plastic material in their products to achieve the desired weight, increased durability, and more importantly, reduced manufacturing cost. However, many of them still use traditional thermal assembly machines, which are time-consuming, costly, and inefficient. Worse, they need a quality checker on the assembly line to inspect the goods manually. California-based Thermal Press International not only designs and builds thermal assembly machines but also helps its clients conceptualize, design, and develop products. The company’s high- end machines with customized tooling packages cater to the needs of manufacturers who are looking for a just-in-time quality control..

How Does Heat Staking Work?

Heat staking is a method of joining two components of the
same or varied materials without the use of adhesives or fasteners. It’s a
relatively straightforward process using heat and force, and an integral part
of many production lines.

Here’s what you need to know about heat staking.

What Is Heat Staking and What Materials Is It Used On?

Heat staking is a versatile and economical process to join
materials by fitting..

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Heat Staking Examples in Consumer Appliances

While heat staking may sound like a strange term when
brought up in a social conversation, chances are you interact with products
that have undergone heat staking every day. Heat
is a technique used in the production and manufacture of products
where components of various materials need joining together, which is quite
common in consumer appliances.

While heat staking is often utilized when joining two
plastic components, it is also viable for joining plastic to metal and many
consumer products are assembled..

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2019 Plastic Manufacturing Trends in Automotive Production

As the car manufacturing industry evolves,
plastics have repeatedly replaced metallic core components of every automobile,
allowing cars to be sleeker, lighter, and more efficient.

Plastic manufacturing for the automotive
industry however, has only scratched the surface. New incremental improvements
in molding, pressing, and plastics welding, to name a few, crop up each year. Also,
changing automobile designs have pushed plastics experts to find new ways to
mold, texturize, and bind these materials.

In 2019, these are some..

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Staking for Plastic Parts Assembly

By Jim Camillo,

Read the Article online at Assembly Magazine

How  well an assembled plastic part performs depends a great deal upon how its component pieces are joined. Those made of strong, hard plastic may be fastened  together  or bonded. Thermoplastic pieces allow for even more options, including screws and rivets, various types of adhesives or welding, staking and being snap-fit.

Staking is one of the quickest and least-expensive of all these joining methods. In staking, a part with one or more holes in it is slipped over cor- responding posts (bosses) on a base part..

H-Series digital controlled thermal press

Digital-Controlled Thermal Assembly Equipment Simplifies Complex Plastic Assembly & Welding

Welding has come a long way. The first welding processes were brutal, labor-intensive affairs undertaken by ancient blacksmiths. But bronze gave way to iron, and iron gave way to steel.

With the advent of plastics, engineers needed to reconsider the entire process of bonding parts together in a strong, accurate, and consistent way. Ultrasonic welding and thermal welding technologies were borne out of the need to quickly and inexpensively bond plastic materials to one another reliably.

The process of direct-contact thermal welding for plastic assembly has undergone significant changes since its first introduction to manufacturing plants across..

New Heat Staking Technologies Improve Accuracy and Process Efficiency

Heat staking is a quick, inexpensive way to form strong assemblies between components. It is often compared with ultrasonic staking, which can offer faster results at the expense of flexibility and adaptability for complex applications.

The arguments between heat staking and ultrasonic welding have been going on for a longer time than most engineers realize. While there are definite advantages to each for meeting project-specific goals, one of the areas where heat staking outperforms ultrasonic staking is in the ability to produce multiple heat stake posts accurately and consistently over multiple planes in one machine cycle for high-precision and..

Kammerer Sales Company Now Representing Thermal Press in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky

Thermal Press International is proud to announce that Kammerer Sales Company is now representing Thermal Press throughout Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. Kammerer Sales Company provides the highest level of sales and support for their customers since 1958 with a diverse product line, serving such varied markets as medical, automotive, appliances, electronics, sports equipment, aerospace, and printing consumer products.

Kammerer Sales Company offers high-quality products manufactured by companies that are recognized leaders in their markets. They pride themselves on the fact that they have represented several of their principals for over 30 years.

After 60 years, Kammerer Sales Company continues to..

Rely on Thermal Press Expertise for Process Development

Any piece of plastic assembly equipment is only as valuable as the process it completes.

At Thermal Press, we do more than simply sell heat staking and heat sealing equipment. We focus intently on creating full-scale plastic assembly solutions for our customers.

This changes the value that our company stands for in the industrial manufacturing space. The more we know about your products, processes, and core business strengths, the better we can create complete solutions that fit your needs.

Our dedication to process development and optimization includes the manufacture of customized automation systems, and customized tooling packages for our C-series..